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Hi guys, Im doing this thing in my journal to help raise money for the Katrina Hurricane Relief Fund. For every comment I get on that entry, I will donate $.10 to the fund. I know its not much but I want to help as much as I can. So GO, COMMENT, GET OTHER PEOPLE TO GO, and maybe even do something like it yourself.


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i am droping out of the comunity. Right after I applyed something happened to where it shut down my life. Work is going great and I dont want to ruin it. I dont wanna leave you girls hanging in the wind anymore so have a great time with the community. Amanda is one of the most smartest people i've every met and she won't mess this up so be good every one.My e-mail is (sthc4life111204@aol.com)and my AIM is (sthc4life). so be good and you guys are awsome.

Im back :)

Hi!! Im back from Mexico. OMG it was the best vacation in the world. The clubs/bars in Cancun are rocking, and so is all the alcohol : ) If you wanna see the pics I have them below, there are LOTS of them, but since photobucket is being stupid, there aren’t THAT many.

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I'm still alive

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted AT ALL lately but a lot has been going on. My boyfriend and I broke up... then got back together.... and now he is living with me because he got kicked out of his house. So basically he's been taking up all my time... lol. I have some pictures of me and him in here... being a cute couple. Again, sorry I just about disapeared. Didn't mean to.

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Oh and I started driver's ed. Oh man is it boring. There's really no one worth getting to know so far. But it's taking up my time none the less. And soon, I'll have my license and I've got to say I'm pretty excited for that!

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I'm sorry, my cat just got hit by a car, and has a fractured leg, and it's like taking care of a kid!! You can add me, if you like

One more picture of me:
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Here's a picture of my cat, Thor:
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